May 2013


Review Catch Up

& Appearances, Thrillbent.

Sometimes writing a blog once a week just isn’t enough… Take this week for instance, swiftly after doddling up some double-fan-art of my own, I realised that A) I have a whole bunch of reviewers and…
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Does Comic Art Matter?

& Creation, Ranty.

Two of the world’s biggest companies have recently revealed their latest magnum-opus’s: the PS4 and the Xbox One. They do good graphics. Gigabits were mentioned.  Some idiot even went on Jimmy…
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Free Comic Book Day

& Bookclub.

This weekend we’re running a little experiment in some NZ comic shops. It’s Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) this Saturday, and if you wander down to your local store you will not only find a range of…
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